The Innovation Crescent™ and State of Georgia are committed to doing whatever possible to recruit, retain and expand business in the state, and our board members have a variety of tools available to make the process advantageous for companies of all sizes. For more information, please see several examples below or contact one of our representatives HERE.

Tax Rates & Incentives

Organizations choose to reside in the Innovation Crescent for a variety of reasons, one being the region’s pro-business climate. Our partners are committed to making the region an attractive option for company locales, and that can mean developing a package of business and tax incentives. These incentives can include state as-of-right incentives, local property tax abatement, local incentive zones, Georgia Quick Start and local training, and other state and local tax incentives. For more information, contact one of our board members HERE.

Site Selection Services

Innovation Crescent partners know the importance of finding the right space for company operations, and life science and technology organizations often need customized facilities for research, development and office activities. Whether you’re looking for a new facility, are relocating operations or expanding your current space, the Innovation Crescent offers confidential assistance at no cost. Our network of real estate and other business-related consultants are ready to assist with any site project you’re contemplating and will provide tours, utility support and customized analysis to help with the decision-making process.

With a mix of urban, suburban and rural locales that include existing structures as well as undeveloped land, our 15-county region is strategically positioned near Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, four major U.S. interstates, 5,000 miles of railroad track and two deep-water sea ports. That makes it easy to do national and international business. For more information, contact one of our board members HERE.

Facilitating Cooperation and Collaboration

The Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership supports collaboration initiatives in the region by facilitating communication among organizations. Whether it’s by arranging private meetings with top CEOs and C-level executives, providing access to university leaders, infrastructure authorities and permitting offices, or through organized events and other targeted marketing activities, the Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership is committed to advancing research, innovation and economic development in the region for the benefit of all. For more information, contact one of our board members HERE.

Regional, National and International Marketing

The Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership is committed to corporate success. Therefore, the Partnership was created in 2008 to advance the interests of organizations already located in the Crescent, as well as attract new ones to the area. We do this by implementing a variety of marketing and public relations tactics aimed at increasing awareness of the Crescent’s resources and competitive advantages, as well as fostering collaboration and communication between organizations in the region to further research and innovation. For-profit, not-for profit and academic entities located here reap the benefits of this type of cross-communication as it enables them to take advantage of a wider pool of resources, both financially and intellectually.

Customized Market Research

As your advocate in finding the right location for your company, the Innovation Crescent Regional Partnership will tailor services to meet individual needs. We can provide a wide range of market research information that can include labor force and wage rate analysis, demographic and economic data, cost of living and cost of doing business information and various metro area comparisons. Whether we’re assisting with market research or any other type of service, our support is always provided confidentially and at no cost. For more information, contact one of our board members HERE.

Relocation Assistance

Hundreds of organizations have found Georgia’s Innovation Crescent the perfect place to do business, thanks to the region’s pro-business climate, low cost of living and high-quality lifestyle. Organizations considering moving any part of their operations to the Innovation Crescent can take advantage of customized residential and community tours, on-site Atlanta resource rooms and a variety of relocation information materials to help evaluate the benefits of having an Innovation Crescent address. For more information, contact one of our board members HERE.

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