Cooperation and collaboration characterize the life science and technology communities in the Innovation Crescent.™ For example, a joint venture between a public and private university—Georgia Tech and Emory—resulted in the creation of the #2 ranked bioengineering program in the nation. A unique public and private partnership, the Georgia Research Alliance, supports life science and technology, investing millions of dollars to recruit eminent scholars who bring new dimensions to the state’s research environment and whose expertise is available to both academia and business. Lastly, the emphasis on commercialization at research institutions and an entrepreneurial-friendly business environment continue to spur growth and innovation among startup organizations.

“We’ve been able to work with a number of companies that have become real partners for us: UPS, Georgia Tech, the CDC is somebody we lean into relative to helping answer questions on infection control. Within the Innovation Crescent, we find there are many organizations that want to collaborate with us, and who are willing to collaborate.”

Doug Ladd

Chief Marketing Officer, EndoChoice

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